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Becoming a “Congressional Advocate” and making your voice heard in Congress is relatively easy — the founders of our nation gave us the tools to resist peacefully. We can get ready to use them in the following steps:

Everyday Rebellion #1: Register To Vote!

Democracy Happens: Register To Vote!

“If you didn’t vote, you can’t complain!” If you are already a registered voter — Congratulations! You are already an Everyday Rebel! You can move on to the Second Everyday Rebellion if you like or take a moment for yourself. If you are eligible to vote in the United States, but are not yet registered to vote, please do that first. You can use your favorite search engine to search […]

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Everyday Rebellion #2: Find Your Elected Officials

United States Capitol

It has come to our attention that, for the most accuracy, you should look up your Members of Congress using and directories. The reason is that many zip codes are split across Congressional districts and only uses +4 to accurately pinpoint your Member of Congress in the House of Representatives. Second, if you are going to make your voice heard in Congress, you need to know how […]

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Everyday Rebellion #3: Find Local Political Party Chapters & Coalitions

Democracy Happens Online Congressional Advocacy Actions and Tools

You will feel a lot more supported if you find the local chapter of your political party or other advocacy group and find people nearby who share your common goals and activism.   The Democracy Happens suggestion is to use your favorite search engine to search for the name of your preferred political party (or advocacy group) and the city, county or state you live in and see what you find. […]

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Everyday Rebellion #4: Find Out How To Submit "Letters To The Editor"

Democracy Happens: How To Submit Letters To The Editor

“In the social media age, letters to the editor might seem a little quaint and outdated. But believe it or not, some people still do read the newspaper. Letters to the editor are one of the most widely read sections of publications. I see a lot of wonderful and passionate political writing from my friends on Facebook and Tumblr. Printing that writing in a paper gives it weight and reach […]

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Everyday Rebellion #5: Check Your Printer & Home Office Supplies

Democracy Happens - Be Ready ... with envelopes & stamps!

I kid you not, I was stuck in the worst snowstorm of the season with no envelopes, no stamps and 50+ electors to send letters to! Don’t get caught blindsided … writing letters is not common but when it comes up, you will need to write more than one! Keep your home office stocked and know how to mailmerge, print letters, print envelopes and/or labels and be able to mail […]

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Everyday Rebellion #6: Know Your Rights

Democracy Happens: United States Constitution

If you decide to protest peacefully, you should know your rights and be prepared in case of emergency. Some states are already moving towards restricting the rights of peaceful protestors. Even though this is likely unconstitutional, it does not mean it can’t cause you a significant amount of inconvenience until / if it is declared unconstitutional. Also, for anyone in a vulnerable group, such as immigrants, you should know what […]

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Everyday Rebellion #8: Stay Informed

If you are going to be heard in Congress, you need to be able to make your case with your own personal story along with solid, verifiable, up-to-date information. If your main source of news is from Facebook or other social media service, consider subscribing directly to the daily news updates from a bona fide printed newspaper or magazine, or even paying for news subscription by print or email. Everything […]

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Everyday Rebellion #9: Subscribe to Call To Action Newsletters

Everyday Rebellions by Democracy Happens

We are all busy, so Democracy Happens recommends that you subscribe to a couple “Call To Action” newsletters that reflect your concerns. That way, you get a reminder to take action and have a template to base your call, email or letter on. There are many organizations, apps and individuals that push out daily or weekly calls to action and Democracy Happens suggests that you subscribe to the top 3 […]

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